We are an international grassroots think-tank working to address social issues and public health through conscious design.

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Hub for evocation, provocation, and the emancipation of ideas, stories, and experiences of and for Conscious Design.Ether curates narratives and diverse representations that engage artistically, scientifically, abstractly, with the experience of urban fabric. This pushes towards a broader understanding and engaging capacity with the CCD that isn’t solely academic or solely artistic through multimedia form.
Impact-driven smart network built to catalyse a new industry around Conscious Design Connects silos to multi-solve around health and social challenges Supports interdisciplinary collaboration and intersectionality Streamlines project initiation and communication Promotes members with recognised expertise
The Bridge
Resource Library for Science-Informed and Conscious Design that facilitates the uptake of scientific knowledge into any design process. It is powered by AI and a dynamic pool of data and insights. A platform to find and create science-informed insights Custom built interface and tools for research mining and analysis The ability to trace back body of evidence of any insight Feedback and quality assessment of insights through tiered weighting system
The Conscious Design Accademy
An environment for guided and independent learning in the philosophy and practice of Conscious Design. We are looking at redefining design pedagogy through a grassroots based approach to knowledge curation and dissemination. Never too late to learn and never too early to teach” is at the heart of our Learner - Educator network.Skeptical yet empathic exploration drives our learning experience.
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