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How Will We Walk Our Cities in The Future? The Contexts and Meaning of How We Walk – Perceive and Build (Urban) Space
Martina Dreßelt

Every day, we humans move within different (urban) spaces for different reasons. Thanks to digitalization and new technologies (such as micro-mobility), the society is worldwide more mobile than ever before....

Empowering Cities through Data Driven Governance (E-Governance)
Amna Azeem

A city’s administration holds supreme responsibility for securing a data-driven city. Using data to manage city operations and service delivery is significant as data is the heart of a smart...

What Do We Talk About When We talk About Democratic Urban Design?
Luis Tsukayama-Cisneros

Freedom, equality, accessibility and democratic institutions refer to different facets of "democracy". Yet, at its most basic, democracy refers to the degree to which participation and mutual acknowledgment are encouraged...

Cities where children flourish: considerations for our Pandemic-Formed future
Katie King
Joe Waters

How might the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affect children and families in the years to come? Possible implications include caregivers struggling to provide responsive care to their...