The Centre for Conscious Design

Become a Fellow AT THE CCD

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fellow at The CCD. 

CCD Fellows take an active role in CCD and City Chapter activities. We aim to have CCD Fellows recognised for their passion and expertise and therefore safeguard the title for those who show consistent engagement.

The CCD is committed to elevating the work of Fellows and supporting them in becoming leaders in their field. One of our measures of success are the number of new projects that our Fellows receive as an outcome of their Fellowship activity.

Being a CCD Member is required for applying to become a Fellow, you can find out more about Membership here.

There are many different ways to engage with the CCD as a Fellow and we have set those out, as well as the terms of engagement in the Fellowship Agreement. In order for each Fellow to have clear commitments during their term, applicants are asked to define the projects that they intent to complete. These are agreed upon during the fellowship application and saved as Project Files.

Once you have become a member, you will have access to the Fellowship application page.

Fellows at the CCD enjoy the following benefits:

  • Creating and publishing content on The CCD website, including Blog Posts, Articles, Publications, Videos and Events.
  • Establishing or joining a local Chapter.
  • A public profile which showcases your activity and is shown in the Fellows directory and the Conscious Design Network directory.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to showcase their work in the different social media platforms, as long as it pertains to The CCD’s Vision, Mission, and Values. This can be done each time content is created on the site, and twice a year in relation to their personal work or the work of their practice or organisation.
  • Fellows will receive a certificate that acknowledges their work in their respective roles and projects. This certificate will be given at the end of each year of Fellowship.
  • In the run-up to the annual Conscious Cities Festival, Fellows will nominate other Members or Fellows to receive special recognition due to their substantial contribution to The CCD, The Conscious Design Network or the Conscious Cities Movement.