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Become a CCD Fellow

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fellow at The CCD. 

We are excited that you want to be part of the change The CCD and the Conscious Cities Movement are advocating for. If you want to take a more active role in this community, we invite you to apply to become a CCD Fellow.

The CCD is dedicated to elevating the work of Fellows and supporting them in becoming leaders in their field. We aim to have CCD Fellows recognised for their passion and expertise and therefore safeguard the title for those who can commit to some form of engagement.

A Fellowship initially lasts a year and can then be extended if the Fellow is interested in continuing. Our community is multi-disciplinary and brings together a wide range of skills and knowledge, as well as varied interests.

A CCD Fellowship has the following benefits:

  • Creating and publishing content on The CCD website, including Blog Posts, Articles, Publications, Videos and Events.
  • Establishing or joining a local City Chapter.
  • A public profile which showcases your activity and is shown in the Fellows directory and the Conscious Design Network directory.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to showcase their work in the different social media platforms, as long as it pertains to The CCD’s Vision, Mission, and Values. This can be done each time content is created on the site, and twice a year in relation to their personal work or the work of their practice or organisation.
  • Fellows will receive a certificate that acknowledges their work in their respective roles and projects. This certificate will be given at the end of each year of Fellowship.

There are four types of Fellowships that a Member can apply to, each fitting different activities.

Bridge Fellowship

Bridge Fellows connect different fields in their work and research. These connections bring in human sciences (neuroscience, psychology, or anthropology for example), data science, or technology into the design process to create a more informed process.

Read more about how Bridge Fellows engage with The CCD (click to expand)

It’s possible to publish Articles or Blog Posts as part of our series of Publications, or as a stand-alone piece.

Science-Informed Design writing is focused on science communication and translation – referring to, explaining, and proposing uses from a specific evidence base.

Some examples:



Articles usually have a word count between 1000 to 5000 words. They include references to scientific literature, explaining a concept, research or insight to a wider audience dealing with the built environment.

Blog Posts

Sometimes a Bridge Fellow may have an idea or perspective that isn’t developed into a full Science-Informed Design article. In this case, they can publish a Blog Post to inspire or initiate a dialogue around a topic.

Some examples:

The CCD will soon launch a database of studies with summaries and reviews from our Bridge Fellows.

Pathfinder Fellowship

Pathfinder Fellows focus on creating change within their professions in line with Conscious Design Principles. They can do so by publishing thought pieces that propose changes in methodologies, or spur dialogue within their field.

Read more about how Pathfinder Fellows engage with The CCD (click to expand)

It’s possible to publish Articles or Blog Posts as part of our series of Publications, or as a stand-alone piece.

Thought pieces take a critical look at a field’s status quo in order to examine how systems or practices can be improved.

Some examples:

A Pathfinder Fellow might not want to write, but rather gather writing contributions from colleagues in their field who may exemplify a desired change. This is a good way to generate dialogue, give a platform to inspiring thinkers or influential professionals.

Convening Fellowship

Convening Fellows bring together different parts of the Conscious Cities movement, be it around a topic or locality.

The CCD is a gathering point for City Chapters around the world and a platform to showcase their activities. Convening Fellows can set up a new City Chapter or join an already active one.

Alternatively (or simultaneously), a Convening Fellow might want to bring together a group of experts and practitioners to share knowledge and create dialogue around a specific issue or subject.

Read more about how Convening Fellows engage with The CCD (click to expand)

A City Chapter is one or a collective of Fellows who are collaborating towards the following goals:

  • Creating a local Conscious Design community of practice.
  • Engaging with the local community to spur dialogue around the quality of the built environment.
  • Engaging with local decision-makers to encourage changes in approaches
  • Creating content that is either relevant to the locality, or is relevant to the locality but also to Conscious Design Principles as a whole.

To see some events organised by City Chapters, take a look through the listings in these past Conscious Cities Festivals:

Events can also be organised around a topic that related to goals of the Conscious Cities movement and/or Conscious Design Principles.

Events can be open to the public or private, in person or online, and can take on different formats (i.e. a few talks, a workshop, an art performance)

Steering Fellowship

A Fellow can take on a role that is part of the CCD’s operational functioning and development. This can include:

  • Developing the CCD community through organising events
  • Work on CCD publications
  • Social Media
  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Web Development
  • Partnership Development

An Operational Role requires the Fellow to be part of a team and actively contribute a minimum of 2 hours a week, for a period of 4 months.

Fellowship Application Form

We’re excited to hear from you! We will review your application and get back to you. If it seems we are a good match, we will be in touch to organise a virtual call to discuss your fellowship and to answer any questions you might have.