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Ting Jiang is a global expert and thought leader in behavioral change and innovation, received her Ph.D. degree in Economics and publishes findings across a broad range of disciplines. After a decade of applying behavioral science and social norm insights to designing effective policies, programs and products, she has been taking an intentional work pause to spend time with her family and friends, while diving further into games and products development, as well as writing up some of her learnings as a way to prepare herself for the next chapter in life.

She has a unique talent of leading teams of diverse talents and backgrounds, bridging different paradigms and disciplines in creating science-based yet practical solutions. Her outstanding creativity, deep expertise in norm change and habit change within behavioral science, together with her extensive experience leading projects globally consulting for diverse organizations and companies, makes her a unique add to any team looking for a high-level team lead who can empower the team with a strong and clear vision, as well as an effective consultant who can help design cutting-edge and scalable behavioral science informed solutions.