Intimate-Urban Scapes II
Mumbai / Virtual Event
20 October, 2020





Having understood that our City is obviously affecting every individual that it provides for, conversations dwell on the details of how certain aspects can have huge negative impacts on the human mind, especially the sensitive minds. Mental Health Awareness programs continue to struggle against the social stigma of psychological and emotional sensitivity even in a rapidly changing social life as that of Mumbai. 

The focus shifts to understanding how professionals from different interests can come together to blend the ideas to create a city that provides for psychological growth. The City of Mumbai has known to change at a quick pace. Even though the infrastructure is rapidly developing, is it leading to a positive impact on the minds occupying the city?

Architects; Urban Planners

Prasad Shetty and Rupali Gupte are the founders of BARD Studio, Mumbai. They are both architects and Urban designers who prefer to call themselves Urbanists. Their major accomplishments include CRIT, SEA and PROJECT 88. Rupali Gupte currently has her focus on  South Asian Architecture and Urbanism. Prasad Shetty has worked with MMRDA as an Urban Manager and with UDRI as a Committee Member. For Mumbai, together they have researched and proposed on projecting the future mobility of Mumbai as Being Nicely Messy and Transactional Objects exhibiting the sculptural installations derived from the urban form.

"We have been interested in looking closely at the urban condition since quite some time now. Our ways of thinking have been shaped by this interest substantially. For us it is a trip to collect stories from cities and constantly reconfigure existing ideas about the world. So sure, there is a calling" - Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty


Dr. Sundeep Jadhav is a Neuropsychiatrist from TNMC BYL Nair Hospital. He holds a keen interest in architecture and spaces. His interests lie in how spaces affect people from a neurological perspective. He is currently the Director of Manav Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Pvt. Ltd and Proprietor at Jadhav Neuro-Psychiatry Centre and Nursing Home.

He is an International Fellow of American Psychiatrist Association with more than 30 years of experience, a Principal Investigator in many international research studies on Neuro-Psychiatric Medicine Molecules, for ailments such as Schizophrenia, Depression, Epilepsy, Alzheimers and Bipolar Mood Disorder. His key areas of interest are Depression and Dementia. A sculptor since childhood, being born to an artist father, he learnt to appreciate physical forms at a very young age. With time, the interests grew to expand to physical forms of human scale and larger.

He is a regular on media channels like Zee 24 Taas, TV 9, Doordarshan Sanhyadri Vahini and also on the radio channel, Akashvani.