Tye Farrow, “Constructing Health: the elements of enriched environments”
13 May, 2021







What if we were dedicated to building places and cities that cause health...

Traditionally, most cultures have had a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. This comprehensive view encompassed mental, physical and spiritual health and social well-being and considered the effects of physical environment in addition to diet and lifestyle.

Today, ‘health’ has become synonymous with ’health care’ as the western, evidence-based model extinguished the older view.

However, recent research has confirmed that where one lives has more impact on one’s health and wellbeing than the medical system (beyond episodes of serious disease, of course). In his talk, Tye discusses the concept of ‘activated optimal health’, which is driven by space, and the elements of our physical space. It connects recent research on space and architectures' effect on the mind and our ability to thrive. Tye will use examples of his work to illustrate the concepts, ranging from designs at a city scale, of health and education buildings, through to the design of home.