Amna Azeem

Amna Azeem is an Urban and Regional Planner from Pakistan who believes in one simple idea :

 ”When cities live, we live. When cities sustain, we sustain. When cities suffer, we suffer.”

Amna has a vision to transform cities in to more habitable, lively and safe places to live through interconnection between physical & virtual  infrastructure. Currently, she is working on Resilient, Smart and Sustainable Cities which is focused on  incorporating elements of sustainability management into cyber security & resilience to achieve transformation leading to opportunity, safety and dynamism. With a research background on Neuro-urbanism and mental health impacts of the built environment, she aims to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of people and communities. As a fellow at Centre for Conscious Design, she aims to broaden the horizons and raise awareness through data driven design, design for well-being and neuro-aesthetics. Moreover, she also wishes to practice this desire for creating the ideas  by working on Çonscious Lahore Chapter.

CCD Fellow for Data-Driven Design

CCD Fellow for Conscious Lahore

CCD Fellow for Design for Wellbeing

CCD Fellow for Neuroaesthetics