Cath Carver

Colour Your City

Cath Carver is a Colour Expert and Founder of Colour Your City. She is a colour expert, urban visionary and inter-disciplinary artist. Carver’s artistic practice combines filmmaking, photography, sound art, conscious movement and civic engagement. At Colour Your City, Carver works with city makers and shapers internationally to produce inspiring spatial solutions and site-specific transformations, deliver creative placemaking, harmonic colour palettes, and research the impact of colour in the built environment. Colour Your City envisions a world where colour is used consciously and imaginatively to enrich urban space and elevate wellbeing. The urbanism practice is London-based with a global network of catalysts. They see colour as a key element of urban design and placemaking, which can harmonise space, foster creative cities, and connect citizens, space and community. Colour Your City believes in dynamic, playful, interactive and intriguing urban space.