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Manisha Balani

Manisha Balani is an Urban Designer, Architect, and the founder of Shaping Urban Futures, an agency for positive urban change. Manisha works in the realm of cities with a focus on its public spaces and the built environment. It is her constant endeavor to bring sustainable practices and people-centric approach into the design and delivery of all projects that she engages in through her practice.

Her areas of interest lie at the intersection of health and wellbeing of people living in cities, places that spark joy and provide opportunities for play, and lastly, and most importantly, cities that are inclusive and designed for all. Manisha strongly believes that cities have the potential of nurturing the everyday lives of its people and aims to harness that potential through a conscious design approach.

In her pursuit to bridge the gap between education and practice, Manisha also is a Visiting Faculty in the M.Arch. (Urban Design) program at Sushant University, Gurugram, India.

As a Chapter Lead with the CCD for Conscious Gurugram, Manisha explores life in the city and the multiple ways in which the city can become more liveable through a multi-disciplinary lens and uses the platform to advocate and promote dialogue on people and practices that are bringing about change.

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