Ryan Shindler


In the nexus of architecture and research, Ryan seeks to translate both the seen and unseen impacts the built environment has on our daily lives. As an M.Arch and MS.Arch Health + the Built Environment alumnus of the University of Arizona School of Architecture, he has collaborated alongside the university’s Institute on Place, Wellbeing, and Performance on research and publications underlining the health impacts of the built environment. Researching and applying design grounded in phenomenology and neuroaesthetics in architecture is of particular interest. Ryan looks to further quantify the impacts related to these explorations, with a goal of utilizing this insight to strategically shape supportive ambient environments. His experience in the practice of architecture augments his goal to bridge the gap between theory, research, and practice. With a deep awareness of real world constraints, he channels a multi scale systems thinking approach towards reshaping projects to contribute toward better outcomes. Ryan looks to create impactful change across a variety of scales through translating the value of rigorous, conscious design. His dream is to transform environments framing our daily lives into something more supportive of the human experience.