The Centre for Conscious Design

Conscious Cities Festival 2018

October 22 –
October 26, 2018

The Conscious Cities Festival gathers those interested in the creation of human-centred environments. Research and practice using the conscious cities approach explores how architecture and urban design can better consider and respond to human needs through science informed design, data analysis and new technology.

This year’s festival looks at the key factors in creating a better built environment. The events over 5 days will focus on Architecture, Urban Design, City Tech, Behavioural Science, and Property.

Our key partners and venues for this year are The RIBAFuture Cities CatapultThe Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) and The Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience (UCL) in London, and Lombardini 22 in Milan.

The Conscious Cities movement began in 2015 after the publication of its manifesto in The Guardian. The 2017 conference held at The Urban Innovation Centre (London) brought together architects, urbanists, policy makers, and scientists – talks from the day are available to watch online, as well as coverage from a number of media outlets including the BBC.

The movement also publishes a quarterly journal and annual anthologies that are open-access and feature research and thought pieces.

Itai Palti
Founder, Conscious Cities
LinkedIn: Itai Palti