The Centre for Conscious Design

The Lighthouse

A celebration of inquiry, curiosity and foresight

We believe that asking ourselves questions is a form of shedding light, expanding our awareness, our consciousness. Asking a question is a provocation to observe, to inquire, to test, and ultimately to learn and unlearn. In this spirit we gather to collectively contemplate our trajectory as a society, to reimagine ourselves through our relationship with place.

Lighthouse events gather the CCD community to set a path of inquiry for the field of Conscious Design and the Conscious Cities Movement. The questions raised will be gathered and presented as points of departure for upcoming research, writing, and events at the following year’s Conscious Cities Festival.

At each event we are joined by one or a number of CCD Lighthouse Fellows who deliver short talks that culminate in a question. Afterwards, all participants are invited to smaller breakout rooms where everyone has the opportunity to connect and share their own provocations. 

Lighthouse Fellows