How might Adelaide strengthen trust and empathy?
Adelaide town hall - Banqueting Room
20 October, 2020









Event Type: Town Hall Forum  | Date: Tuesday 20th October | Time: 6pm - 7.30pm ACST | Location: Adelaide Town Hall - Banqueting Room

Cities are made up mostly of strangers with often vastly different values and views of the world.

We know that trust is essential for wellbeing, collaboration and getting the things done that really matter to the people, efficiently and effectively.

It can’t be faked or feigned or forged - at least not for very long.

So how might cities nurture and nourish trust?

This is an ‘off the couch’ style presentation and Q+A regarding the importance of trust and empathy in all aspects of urban life.

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr Fiona Kerr - Chief Neuroscientist and CEO of the NeuroTech Institute

Daniel Conley - Global Shapers Adelaide Hub

Alex Bruhn - Youth Inc.

This Conscious Adelaide session has is presented by the NeuroTech Institute, Youth Inc, the City of Adelaide, Global Shapers Adelaide Hub, Urban Mind Studio.

Conscious Cities Festival 2020 - Being Adelaide

Adelaide is built on an ancient place between pristine oceans and an ancient mountain belt. It is a unique geographical, ecological and cultural place, with strong First Nation's cultures, thriving arts and cultural festivals and great universities - all surrounded by parkland, pristine coastline and productive food and wine regions.

As part of Global Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Adelaide will focus on bringing the voice of young people to conversations about the identity, mood, mindsets and meanings of the place, in a festival of questions and conversations about what it means ‘to be’ Adelaide, now and into the future.

Conscious Adelaide is presented by a network of contributors woven together by Urban Mind Studio, with the Commissioner for Children and Young People South Australia, the NeuroTech Institute, Youth Inc, the City of Adelaide, Global Shapers Adelaide Hub, Festivals Adelaide, MOD, Imprints Booksellers and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects South Australia.