How might Adelaide strengthen trust and empathy?
Adelaide Town Hall - Meeting Hall (venue change)
20 October, 2020








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Event Type: Town Hall Forum  | Date: Tuesday 20th October | Time: 6pm - 7.30pm ACST | Location: Adelaide Town Hall - Meeting Hall (venue change) Cities are made up mostly of strangers with often vastly different values and views of the world. We know that trust is essential for wellbeing, collaboration and getting the things done that really matter to the people, efficiently and effectively. It can’t be faked or feigned or forged - at least not for very long. So how might cities nurture and nourish trust? This is an ‘off the couch’ style presentation and Q+A regarding the importance of trust and empathy in all aspects of urban life. Confirmed Speakers: Dr Fiona Kerr - Chief Neuroscientist and CEO of the NeuroTech Institute Fred Heidt - CEO Youth Inc. Daniel Conley - Global Shapers Adelaide Hub Jodie van Deventer - CEO Committee for Adelaide This Conscious Adelaide session has is presented by the NeuroTech Institute, Youth Inc, the City of Adelaide, Global Shapers Adelaide Hub, Urban Mind Studio. Conscious Cities Festival 2020 - Being Adelaide Adelaide is built on an ancient place between pristine oceans and an ancient mountain belt. It is a unique geographical, ecological and cultural place, with strong First Nation's cultures, thriving arts and cultural festivals and great universities - all surrounded by parkland, pristine coastline and productive food and wine regions. As part of Global Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Adelaide will focus on bringing the voice of young people to conversations about the identity, mood, mindsets and meanings of the place, in a festival of questions and conversations about what it means ‘to be’ Adelaide, now and into the future. Conscious Adelaide is presented by a network of contributors woven together by Urban Mind Studio, with the Commissioner for Children and Young People South Australia, the NeuroTech Institute, Youth Inc, the City of Adelaide, Global Shapers Adelaide Hub, Festivals Adelaide, MOD, Imprints Booksellers and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects South Australia.

Dr Fiona Kerr is founder of the NeuroTech Institute and FOCUSnti.

Dr Fiona Kerr is a thought leader in human connectivity and synchronization, partnering with technology and creating flourishing human systems including companies, cities and communities. Fiona Kerr is founder of the NeuroTech Institute and FOCUSnti, which consult and research globally to ensure the unique attributes of human capacity and connection are understood, celebrated and enabled by the transformative power of technology for human centric outcomes. With qualifications in systems engineering, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology, Fiona holds a number of honorary academic positions and is an international keynote speaker and science educator, appearing regularly on both national and international media.

Adelaide Global Shapers Hub

Daniel Conley works across a number of facets of sustainable cities. He is currently finishing his PhD at the University of Adelaide focused on urban governance for sustainability, and works as a Transport Planner for built environment advisory firm Arup. He is the Founding Curator of the Adelaide Global Shapers Hub, and was the Founding President of the Adelaide Sustainability Association – two organisations that exist to empower young people to engage with and participate in dialogue and action around the future our State. Daniel is a Board Director and Advisor for companies spanning recycling/circular economy, agricultural investment and energy.

Committee for Adelaide

Jodie van Deventer is the Chief Executive Officer of the Committee for Adelaide. Jodie has had four successful careers: in the media, industry groups, the public sector and running her own business. A leader and strategic communicator with proven management skills and a commercial focus, Jodie is an expert in stakeholder engagement, branding and strategy development. In addition, she is on the Adelaide United Advisory Board, Chairs their Women’s Football Committee and is an Ambassador for Crime Stoppers SA. As the CEO of the Committee for Adelaide, she is committed to help make Adelaide a city of economic prosperity, cultural diversity, creativity and social vitality with a world-class built environment.

Founding Principal of Urban Mind and Associate Partner of the NeuroTech Institute at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

Trish Hansen is the Founding Principal of Urban Mind Studio. As a strategist and systems designer in the fields of health, wellbeing, arts and culture, Trish works to enrich the creative and cultural life of places, neighborhoods and cities. As a natural collaborator, complex systems thinker and regenerative practitioner, Trish has provoked, pioneered and managed social enterprises, projects, programs and quests in the tertiary adult and pediatric health, urban, arts and cultural sectors. Currently a Good Design Australia Ambassador, Board Director of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival as well as serving on other committees including the Good Design Australia COVID 19 Taskforce.

CEO Youth Inc.

Fred began his working life as a physical education teacher in the South Australian Education Department, and from the very beginning, he was interested in the needs of disengaged learners. Discovering that conventional school structures can be rather unhelpful, he shifted focus to Phys. Ed. in a different setting, working in spinal injuries rehabilitation, and then Paralympic sport.

His career evolved into wider interests in personal development in disability services and then mental health. Then one day he woke up to find that he had been the CEO of a charitable foundation and wondered how he got there! From there he started to long road back to education, with a major detour into the world of social enterprise.

He came full circle in 2017, when he set out to establish a very different kind of school. Now coming to the end of its third year, Youth Inc. is a fully registered independent special assistance school. It is a new school design that seeks to re-engage young people who did not flourish in a mainstream school setting. With the aim of providing transformative learning experiences, the early results have already demonstrated what young people are truly capable of when they have the opportunity to engage in their own learning.