Aishwarya Narayana

Hume - Human Metrics Lab; Conscious Bengaluru; Goldsmiths, University of London

An Architect, Experimental Psychologist and Poet, Aishwarya yearns to create cultural change in the Architecture community through Investigative Research in Aesthetics and Phenomenology of built environment as well as Conscious Design Practice for holistic wellbeing. Currently, she’s ‘the bridge across the studio and lab’ Project Lead at Hume, a Science-informed Architecture and Urban Design Practice. As the Director of Conscious Design Development at the Centre for Conscious Design, under the guidance of Itai Palti, she co-founded ‘Conscious Bengaluru’ and has been spearheading the Conscious Cities movement in Bengaluru. In life, she hopes to collate research in the neuroscience of ‘human experience’ with architectural practice, theory, and pedagogy to promote science-informed design culture.
Aesthetics, Architecture, Biosensing, Cognition, Concept, Conscious Cities, Data Driven Design, Governance, Methods, Neurophenomenology, Policy, Practice, Psychology, Research, Virtual Reality, Wellbeing