Alvaro Puertas Villavicencio

Fellow, The Centre for Conscious Design
Educator, Teach for All Perú (Enseña Perú)
Independent Researcher

Alvaro is an eternal apprentice who turned out to study architecture. He loves reading and writing, particularly about the ways in which different disciplines mesh in a coherent but unexpected way. Alvaro considers mind and consciousness to be his favorite topics due to their ongoing influence on our daily experiences, which is reflected in his writings for Conscious Cities and a blog called Arquilosofia. Currently, Alvaro is working for Teach for All whilst organizing the first edition of the Conscious Cities Festival in Peru. Prior to these experiences Alvaro worked as teaching assistant in the School of Architecture of the Northern Private University in Peru, and studied under the mentoring of architect Peter Zellner as part of the Inaugural Class of the Free School of Architecture (FSA) which took place in Los Angeles, California. Alvaro is fond of the Hans Jonas quote: “Only life can know life”, and his favorite saying is: “There is no difference between living, learning and playing, so all I do is living, learning and playing.”

Architecture, Education, Neurophenomenology