Anja Kluge

Anja is a psychologist with a strong passion for architecture and nature. She thrives to foster human well-being by creating spaces that fulfill human needs as well as by supporting and coaching them in their personal development.

After her M.Sc. in psychology she worked several years as a consultant in the field of organizational development. She tried to foster people’s well-being at work by ameliorating team climate, the relationship between employees and managers as well as the whole organizational culture. As she was missing the dimension of space there, she went into workplace consulting. Together with designers and architects she tried to create workplaces that corresponded to the employee’s needs and workstyle also helping them to do the cultural change connected to this. She led national and international projects in organizations of very different size and sector. Studies in neuroscience applied to architectural design and trainings in two different coaching methods (systemic and psychodynamic) are backing up her knowledge.

Now she is working at the intersection of psychology and architecture, helping individuals and organizations to create meaningful, functional, aesthetic but most of all need fulfilling spaces as well as behavior patterns and cognitions.