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Dara Cunningham

Dr. Dara Cunningham

Dr. Dara Cunningham is a distinguished expert in cognitive science and urban planning, holding dual Ph.D. degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver. With a robust background in sustainable design, user experience research, and data-driven decision-making, Dr. Cunningham is dedicated to enhancing community well-being through conscious urban development.

Currently, Dr. Cunningham is a consultant at her own firm, ActivitySystems, where she leads strategic initiatives that integrate cutting-edge technology with human-centered design principles. Her work has significantly improved product innovation and customer experience across various industries.

As a Fellow of the Denver Chapter at The Centre for Conscious Design, Dr. Cunningham is committed to fostering a local community of practice in conscious design. She aims to engage with Denver’s diverse communities, collaborate with local stakeholders, and advocate for policies that promote sustainable and healthy built environments. Through her leadership, the Denver Chapter will serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, innovation, and impactful urban design practices.

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