Grace Marie Roebuck

Conscious New York; HUME (Human Metrics Lab); Vassar College; Elks National Foundation

Grace Roebuck is a soon to be graduate of Vassar College and a socially charged psychologist, advocate, and visual artist. During her time at Vassar, Grace founded “the Underground,” an anti-trafficking organization with partners across the UK, Denmark, US, and Haiti. Grace is both a researcher for the Human Metrics Lab (HUME) and a fellow for the Centre for Conscious Design as well as the scholar fellow for the Elks National Foundation. Grace’s passion lies at the intersection of environmental psychology and community based movements to systemically create healthier and happier societies.  Currently, Grace is in the beginning stages of building out Conscious Cities New York to create a dynamic, grassroots, think tank of local experts to reimagine and reinvent New York as a conscious city. Get in touch with Grace at

CCD Fellow for Conscious NYC

CCD Fellow for Design for Wellbeing

CCD Fellow for Social Justice