Karina Lozano

Fellow The Centre for Conscious Design
Professor Academia Brasileira de Neurociencia e Arquitetura. Brasil
Collaborator Instituto de Neuroarquitectura y Diseño. Chile
Member Environmental Design Research Association. USA

Karina Lozano has been an architect focused on wellbeing with an East-West approach for 20 years. During her career she has shared and rebuilt collective perspectives on how spaces impact productivity, health, and human relationships. She has published articles and given conferences, classes, interviews and consultancy in over 10 countries. She was educated in Mexico and has studied in Malaysia, China, Germany, England and the US. This has led to her unique perspective around human needs related to the built environment. Karina believes the current global situation calls for a city created with the participation of all of its members. She aims to engage policy makers, designers, researchers, students and enthusiasts alike towards a productive outcome for the common good. That is the reason behind her partnership with the Centre of Conscious Design.
Architecture, Civics, Families, Health, Neuroscience, Wellbeing

CCD Fellow for Conscious Monterrey