Maighdlyn Hadley

CCD Design for Wellbeing Fellow, Hume

Maighdlyn is a proponent of design for wellbeing. Trained as an architect, she believes in the ability of spatial design to change minds. She is currently a project lead at Hume, and gained experience at studios in Europe and North America. A recent MArch alumna of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, she worked as a graduate research assistant for the Humanics Lab to understand the role of design processes in creating positive spatial experiences.

Maighdlyn has pursued design research about spaces which cater to mental health for a neurodiverse public, and wants to take steps to improve the process of knowledge translation from cognition science findings to design. Restorative environments are an area of academic interest. Through her fellowship at the Centre for Conscious Design, she seeks opportunities to promote health and wellbeing through design. Maighdlyn’s name is pronounced “MAD-lin”.