Natalia Olszewska


Natalia Olszewska is a Researcher and Practitioner in Neuroscience Applied to Architecture. Being a graduate in medicine (Jagiellonian University & Tor Vergata), neuroscience (Sorbonne Université & ENS), Brain and Mind studies (UCL) and ‘Neuroscience applied to Architectural Design’ (IUAV university) she works between disciplines and aims to create insights that can change our architectural and urban environment and make it more people-centred. At work, she combines her deep care for people and their well-being with her passion for architecture and design. Her specific professional interest is the impact of architecture on different aspects of our lives: social, behavioural, health & well-being and cognition.

Natalia presented her NAAD master degree thesis during the 2018 Biennale of Architecture in Venice. Her articles were published in the Journal of Science Informed Design, the 2020 Conscious Cities Anthology and Intertwining. Together, with her colleague, Michal Matlon she co-authors Venetian Letter, a blog and newsletter on science-informed design.

Natalia is a co-founder of Impronta, behavioural sciences and neuroscience consultancy for architecture.