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Nicoletta Brancaccio

Architect and Researcher at the university of the west of England where she conducts research at the intersection between architecture and Neuroscience.

In particular she investigates the link between space exploration, construction of reality at the neural level and wellbeing in the built environment. Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan in 2011 she conducted the research for the final  thesis in Paris, at ENSA Paris Val de Seine, which analyses the social aspects involved In the malfunctioning of the areas adjacent to the the ring of Paris, the Boulevard Périphérique. After graduation, she gained experience as Architect first in Milan and later in Hong Kong where she developed a keen interest in the life of a megalopolis, characterised by small domestic environments, and the effect they have on human behaviour both in daily life and in a long-term perspective.

She thinks that Architecture, as many other disciplines, needs new horizons where interdisciplinariety is a must.

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