Prachi Sharma

Centre for Conscious Design, Mumbai Chapter

Prachi is a trained Architect who has dabbled into practising the art form and also teaching it. She has over time developed a liking for the ‘allied’ part of the architecture and doesn’t really believe in just creating concrete jungles. A keen reader and observer of urban spaces, she nurtures the true ethos of human relationships entangled with the environment. She is usually charmed by the magnificent yet subdued heritage ‘secrets’ of cities and loves to trace down the history to understand the different perspectives towards building it.


Prachi has a keen interest and respect for the field of Psychology. Her dotting love for pets further encouraged her to pursue a diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy. She is also an avid trekker and a theatre practitioner. She is one of the few niche professionals, who use theatre to conduct training sessions for architects and corporate houses.