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Shravani Bhattacharyya

Shravani Bhattacharyya is a Psychologist working towards the health and well-being of both people and places. Her research interest is at the intersection of environmental spaces and Mental Health, specifically rapid urbanizing spaces, place attachment, belongingness, urban open spaces, residential spaces and global concerns such as accelerated climate change.

Her academic background includes an MSc. in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bengaluru; a BA (Hons) in Psychology from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi and a PGD in Urban Planning and Development from IGNOU, Delhi. She uncovered her interest in the dynamic interaction of people and space through her Master’s thesis work on qualitative explorations into rapid urban changes and their associations with Mental Health and Well-Being. In 2022, her research article, “Exploring Human Connections with Living Spaces during the Covid-19 Pandemic” was featured in Culture Hong Kong edition, China Daily.  She has been actively presenting her work at interdisciplinary international conferences focusing on topics from Environmental Psychology, Sustainability and Well-being since 2019.

As a  Chapter Representative of Conscious Guwahati with The CCD, she explored the importance of heritage identities of cities on the community’s well-being and solution-focused responses to city challenges from city residents’ perspectives in 2021. Her affiliation with The Centre for Conscious Design also inspired her to further explore the uses, satisfaction and improvement suggestions from the community on Open Spaces in Guwahati as a Project in Urban Planning and Development.

Shravani works through a phenomenological,  salutogenic and trauma-aware lens to support people in being conscious of the connections with their environment that can potentiate their move towards Health & Well-Being.

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