Surayyn Selvan

Fellow at the Centre for Conscious Design
Multi-modal architect exploring data informed design

Surayyn Selvan – born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently based in Barcelona – started his architectural journey by acquiring his BSc (Hons) Architecture from Taylor’s University, Malaysia in 2016 and went on to work as an Architectural Assistant for VERITAS Design Group, Kuala Lumpur before deciding to pursue his masters in Barcelona in 2018. A recent graduate from the Masters in Advanced Architecture 02 program at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, he has experimented with various mediums such as perpetual motion machines, wearable technology and urban analytics to inform design decisions. He believes that “architecture” is embedded in all forms of design and understands that there is a need to identify different depths of data to create holistic design strategies. He has a passion for learning new forms of technologies and obsessed with programming and physical computing. Check out his portfolio [here]!

AI, Architecture, Community, Data Driven Design, Urban Design, Urban Design, Planning, Architecture, Infrastructure., Urban Design, Planning, Infrastructure, IUDI, Space Matrix