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Fostering resilience: Lessons from life at sea

July 3, 2024 – 9:00 am
12:00 am
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1:30 am (July 4)
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Fostering resilience: Lessons from life at sea

Ever wondered how life at sea can teach us to build more resilient communities on land? At the next Greenhouse, we will explore the fascinating world of sailing to uncover valuable lessons in key aspects of resilience like social cohesion, preparedness, and coordination.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is akin to a hackathon where innovation starts with design provocations—problems or opportunities up for debate. Imagine if neighborhoods could learn from sailors’ creation of resilient support networks through mutual aid and resourcefulness. Homes that adapt to changing weather, resource availability, and social needs. What would it mean to achieve radical self-reliance in a rapidly changing world? Is your home sea-worthy in terms of resilience? Let’s delve into how the unique experiences of life at sea can inspire and transform our land-based living environments.

Event Details

This one and a half hour event is designed to be a fertile ground for generating ideas for writing articles, creating events for the Conscious Cities Festival, or engaging in further collaboration. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of professionals, share your expertise, and contribute to meaningful projects.

The central part of the event is a work session in small groups. Participants will work on developing a design solution for resilience inspired by life at sea, after choosing a local community, a typology, and an aspect of resilience that interests them. Guidelines will be provided during the event to ensure fruitful teamwork.

Join us in this collaborative exploration and discover how the lessons of social cohesion, preparedness, and coordination from the sailing world can help us build stronger, more resilient communities on land!

Guest Speaker

Luca Tausel

For the past five years, Luca has been navigating the high seas, living aboard various sailing vessels and experiencing life in close quarters with a diverse group of individuals. This unique lifestyle has shaped him in remarkable ways, fostering a deep understanding of the relationship between people and places. Luca has discovered that comfort and privacy alone do not create thriving communities. Instead, it is the solidarity among sailors—where people go out of their way to support each other, often in unexpected ways—that builds strong, resilient networks.

As a robotics engineer with global experience in technology innovation and fluency in five languages, Luca is curious about how the lessons learned at sea can be applied on land.

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