The Centre for Conscious Design

Marta Delgado

Head of Community Development

AWM (Architecture With Meaning)

Marta holds a professional degree from the International University of Catalunya and a Master of Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Her expertise lies at the intersection of cognitive science and architecture, emphasizing a commitment to mental health and social equity. As the director of AWM (Architecture with Meaning) and a member of the Center for Conscious Design (CCD), Marta is dedicated to fostering environments that promote human wellbeing and social advancement.

In her role at the CCD as the Head of Community Development, Marta aims to connect members and to support fellows enhance their contributions. Her personal mission aligns with the CCD’s objectives to build a community that values empowerment, critical thinking, and proactive engagement in the field. Through her work, Marta seeks to contribute to the CCD’s goal of elevating conscious design, while also serving as an educator to advance architectural practices that support health and emotional wellbeing.

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