Old stories, New ways | Kaurna wisdom – principles for life in Tarntanya | Conscious Adelaide
22 October, 2020


20:30 (-1)






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Niina marni (Hello, how are you?)

Since the beginning of humanity, the world’s oldest cultures have continually adapted ways of living and being that nurture human and planetary health. First Nations people globally share at least one important principle; a deep ancestral and cultural connection to land, nature and place.

Adelaide is built on an ancient place with a wealth of First Nations traditional wisdom unique to this place, that has nurtured this land and these waters for millennia - that we all cherish, enjoy and live on today.

As we go forward into the future this traditional wisdom can guide, inspire and inform new ways of thinking, living and being in this wondrous place.

Join Kaurna Elders, the honorary Uncle Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien, AO and Michael O’Brien in an address regarding traditional Kaurna wisdom of this place.  

Conscious Cities Festival 2020 - Being Adelaide

Adelaide is built on an ancient place between pristine oceans and an ancient mountain belt. It is a unique geographical, ecological and cultural place, with strong First Nation's cultures, thriving arts and cultural festivals and great universities - all surrounded by parkland, pristine coastline and productive food and wine regions.

As part of Global Conscious Cities Festival, Conscious Adelaide will focus on bringing the voice of young people to conversations about the identity, mood, mindsets and meanings of the place, in a festival of questions and conversations about what it means ‘to be’ Adelaide, now and into the future.

Conscious Adelaide is presented by a network of contributors woven together by Urban Mind Studio, with the Commissioner for Children and Young People South Australia, the NeuroTech Institute, Youth Inc, the City of Adelaide, Global Shapers Adelaide Hub, Festivals Adelaide, MOD, Imprints Booksellers and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects South Australia.

(Uncle) Lewis YurlaBurka O’Brien AO is one of Adelaide's most loved and respected Aboriginal Kaurna Elders researchers and educators. Uncle Lewis is recognised by for his enormous contribution to researching, maintaining and sharing Aboriginal knowledge passed down from his Elders and relatives, beginning with his great great grandmother Kudnartu, the first Aboriginal woman to marry a white man in South Australia. Uncle Lewis has committed much of his life to weave together traditional Aboriginal wisdom, ways of knowing and being with contemporary western philosophy - inviting and inspiring everyone he encounters to padniadlu wadu: let's walk together in harmony.


Michael O'Brien is a Senior Aboriginal Man and the son of Kaurna Elder (Uncle) Lewis Yurla Burka O’Brien is also highly cherished and respected. Michael is a descendant of the Kaurna (Adelaide Plains) and Narrunga (York Peninsula) peoples, and has been generously sharing cultural wisdom, stories and knowledge for a number of years.