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Lukasz Krupinski

Architect and business area manager – ÅWL Arkitekter, Sweden

Lukasz is a practicing architect based in Sweden, with particular interest in human sciences, human-centered environments and interdisciplinary cooperation. He is interested in developing interdisciplinary methods and processes for positive experience and well-being in practice.

The topics of his explorations include:

• Learning about architecture from other disciplines,
• Applying conscious approach in projects,
• Personal choice and motivation, architecture as a coaching process,
• Applying knowledge from research in human sciences in daily practice: combining with traditional architectural qualities,
• Discovering the interaction between architecture and human sciences from various angles, exploring risks and advantages,
• Finding answers to relevant problems in society,

Lukasz is certified as Well AP and has been a member of Well Mind Advisory in 2022. He is also one of the bloggers for Architects Sweden. His recent interdisciplinary project activities include urban planning with an aim to support happiness in Stockholm, office design to support neurodiversity and a method to teach architecture at primary schools in Sweden.

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