Conscious Cities Anthology 2019: Science-Informed Architecture and Urbanism

ISSN 2514-6815


Conscious Cities Anthology 2019

Welcome to the official publication of the Conscious Cities Festival 2019. The festival is happening 15th to 18th of October 2019 in New York City, hosted by Pratt Institute. Tickets to events are available online.

The mission of the 2019 Conscious Cities Festival is to explore how science-informed design can create a healthier, more inclusive city. Using a multidisciplinary approach grounded in principles of racial equity and social justice, the festival aims to facilitate dialogue among individuals, organizations, and institutions working towards common goals in efforts to spur collaborative and creative solutions for achieving just communities. 

Conscious Cities Anthology 2019: Science-informed architecture and urbanism showcases individuals and groups that are contributing towards this new approach to creating a better built environment.