Conscious Cities Anthology 2017: Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture and Technology
May 3, 2017

ISSN: 2514-6815


The second conscious cities conference gathered the different industries and elements needed to build a Conscious City, that is responsive to human activity and needs. It was held in London on 3rd of May, 2017.

Dr. Bobby Nisha
Bryony Olney
Can virtual reality become a viable tool for informing design?
Cognition, Design, Perception, Tech, Virtual Reality
Dr. Yeoryia Manolopoulou
Enhancing the city as a 'chancescape': intermixing different places, atmospheres, stories and circumstances.
Architecture, Concept, Serendipity, Urban Design
Arathy Gopal
Prof. Sanjukkta Bhaduri
How to study the ‘consciousness’ of a city, and which city to choose for study?
Architecture, Behaviour, Conscious Cities, Research, Urban Design
Joanna Bryson
What if part of the way we get by is not knowing what we are doing?
AI, Smart Cities, Tech, Urban Design
Dr. Jamie Anderson
Embracing textured wellbeing insights for city design.
Behaviour, Belonging, Social, Urban Design, Wellbeing
Mihaela Mitrovic
Human brains are weird, glorious and driven by a delicate yet robust interplay of various opposing forces. 
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Design, Neuroscience, Profession
Daniel Hulme
What happens when we give our environment the ability to create and destroy?
AI, Architecture, Ethics, Futurism, Innovation, Tech
Liane Hartley
Is the “citizen professional” emerging to hold communities, developers and planners together in the planning process.
Behaviour, Communities, Planning, Social
Kate Jeffery
How does the brain maintain a sense of direction?
Behaviour, Neuroscience, Perception, Research
What does it mean to ask whether a city is conscious?
Behaviour, Cognition, Neuroscience, Psychology, Urban Design
Adam Scott
Dave Waddell
'Smart' as a means for improving, designing and building our cities has reached a tipping point of acceptability.
Industry, Profession, Property, Smart Cities
Dr. Claire McAndrew
How will architecture fare in the post-truth era?
Architecture, Behaviour, Ethics, Futurism, Sociology
Amir-Homayoun Javadi
Dr. Hugo Spiers
What role do spatial boundaries play in the brain's future simulations?
Cognition, Navigation, Neuroscience, Orientation, Planning, Research
Jenny Jones
Conscious cities presents a paradigm shift in the world of design. 
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Profession
Prof. Michael Arbib
A review of potential paths to elaborate the conscious cities manifesto.
Conscious Cities, Futurism, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Profession
Tess Osborne
Why does a varied and rich landscape stir a positive reaction in people?
Architecture, Biosensing, Cognition, Heritage
Martyn Evans
"What we property developers forget is why we are here in the first place"
Ethics, Industry, Property
John Shelton
Everyone, regardless of their ability should be able to get out and about safely and confidently.
Behaviour, Ethics, Inclusivity, Smart Cities, Urban Design
Sally Augustin
Places designed for humans, at any scale, need to recognize and reflect our species’ 6 most fundamental space-related needs.
Architecture, Cognition, Design, Neuroscience, Practice, Profession, Psychology, Wellbeing
Mark Bessoudo
Reviewing the trends in the building industry towards human-centred design.
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Health, Industry, Practice, Profession, Sustainability, Wellbeing
Rebecca Sumerling
The Playbox is a 20-foot steel shipping container bringing creative workshops and events to diverse neighbourhoods.
Case Study, Communities, Green Space, Play, Research, Social, Urban Design
Anja Jamrozik
Carolina Campanella
Brent Bauer
Reviewing two methodologies traditionally used to study the relationship between people and their environment—laboratory experiments and field studies.
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Design, Living Lab, Research, Wellbeing, Workplace
Maria da Piedade Ferreira
Experiments designed to make students aware of their own body’s relation to architectural space.
Architecture, Cognition, Education, Research
Itai Palti
How does the dynamic between user and environment shape one another?
Behaviour, Civics, Culture, Governance, Psychology, Urban Design
Jonathan Daly
Leila Mahmoudi Farahani
Tai Hollingsbee
Regina Ocampo
What is it that makes these spaces more comfortable, both psychologically and physiologically, for some people more than others?
Behaviour, Profession, Research
Cliff Hague
The thinking that underpinned urban planning and design during much of the twentieth century is fast unravelling.
Planning, Practice, Profession, Urban Design
Federico Botta
Policy makers, stake-holders and academics alike all share the common interest of understanding our collective behaviour.
Behaviour, Data, Tech, Urban Design
Andrew Renninger
In serving both the civic and economic, a city can, as Benjamin Franklin once mused, do well by doing good.
Civics, Ethics, Governance, Philosophy, Urban Design
Peter Ellerton
What kind of relationship would you want with a conscious city?
Behaviour, Ethics, Governance, Philosophy, Social
Dr. Sam Griffiths
Dr. Kerstin Sailer
Towards a conscious design process in the context of the on-going social production and reproduction of the human built environment.
Behaviour, Research, Space Syntax, Tech