Conscious Cities Anthology 2018: Human-Centred Design, Science, and Technology
October 15, 2018

ISSN: 2514-6815


Nikos A. Salingaros
How to we create design rules that relate to mathematical fractals and the theory of complexity?
Architecture, Biophilia, Cognition, Design, Urban Design
Dr. Bobby Nisha
Unpacking relational dynamics between the subjective realm of perception and the objective physical realm.
Cognition, Perception, Urban Design
Prof. Alan Penn
How do we best prepare the architects of tomorrow?
Architecture, Design, Education, Profession, Training
Cath Carver
What can we learn from public dialogue about the role of colour in improving human-centred city design?
Case Study, Colour, Design, Urban Design
Rohan Patankar
Benjamin Wells
Exploring a strategy for applying optimisation at a building scale to brings humans back to the centre of the agenda.
Architecture, Behaviour, Data, Futurism, Governance
John Anthony Parkinson
Rodrigo Pantoja
Francisco Paillie Pérez
A transdisciplinary methodology bringing together design, architecture and psychology
Psychology, Social Cohesion, Urban Design, Wellbeing
Farida K Sadliwala
In a world that is shrinking by the minute, thanks to digital connectivity, are city streetscapes truly accessible to all?
Mapping, Methods, Urban Design
William Feuerman
Can architecture draw our attention back from mobile technology to the built environment?
Case Study, Social, Urban Design
Maria A. El Helou
How does the city's odour determines people’s relationship with where they live?
Cognition, Sense of Place, Smell, Urban Design
Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska
Kyra Xavia
What are the often disregarded effects of artificial nighttime illumination, and how can we design with that in mind?
Behaviour, Cognition, Light, Nighttime, Urban Design
Qendra Marrëdhënie
Mariana Pereira Guimarães
Which indicators could be used to measure the wellbeing of children in the built environment?
Children, Data, Families, Methods, Research
Ben Derbyshire
How can we providing the necessary environment required to deliver strong, lasting neighbourhoods?
Architecture, Housing, Policy, Profession
Lorena Knezevic
How will new technology like augmented reality be used to adapt our perception of the city and time?
Cognition, Perception, Social, Tech
Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska
Ava Fatah gen Schieck
How can human factors drive the design development of LED screens placed throughout the city?
Attention, Behaviour, Light, Nighttime, Tech
Grant Waters
How can embracing tranquillity fundamentally change the way we behave and interact with cities?
Behaviour, Data, Tech, Wellbeing
Ryan McGaffney
Karolina Backman
Isabella van der Griend
Charlotte Uiterwaal
Observing strategies to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through more habitable cities.
Development, Economics, Governance, Health, Planning
Petros Dermatas
How has electric light defined the nocturnal urban condition and in turn shaped our culture and behaviour?
Architecture, Light, Nighttime, Perception, Urban Design
Miriam Hoffman
Where can rest be used to positively impact spatial memory and place attachment?
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Psychology, Research, Restoration, Wellbeing
Alvaro Puertas Villavicencio
What will bridge architecture and neuroscience to reach the real potential of transdisciplinary work?
Neurophenomenology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Profession, Psychology, Research, Urban Design
Dr. Caroline Paradise
Ruth Hynes
Dr. Michael Proulx
Dr. Alexandra de Sousa
Crescent Jicol
Tayfun Esenkaya
New insights into the factors that can support successful workplace design
Architecture, Design, Productivity, Psychology, Wellbeing, Workplace
Robert Crawford
How can we make sure that insights from research are implemented effectively in a project process?
Architecture, Behaviour, Data, Design, Tech
Hana Leung
The emergence of a new paradigm for the architecture profession fuelled by scientific insight.
Architecture, Behaviour, Neuroscience, Practice, Profession
David Borkenhagen
Have our expectations for these new technologies been inflated by a novelty bias?
Augmented Reality, Design, Futurism, Innovation, Tech, Virtual Reality
Greg Paine
A look at the conscious city as an inherently and ‘lively’ complex interacting network of relations.
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Futurism, Philosophy, Planning
Arathy Gopal
Prof. Sanjukkta Bhaduri
City planning in the context of UN Sustainability Goals for good health and wellbeing.
Conscious Cities, Culture, Planning, Research, Urban Design
Madeleine Mizere
Addressing the impact of flexibility in workplace design, and calling for thorough examination of correlations between personal experience and contextual...
Behaviour, Cognition, Productivity, Research, Social, Wellbeing, Workplace
Anjali Patel
How can we design to make individuals more aware of the in-between?
Architecture, Behaviour, Case Study, Cognition, Student Work
Bill Witherspoon
David A. Navarrete Maciel
How can architects, designers and facility planners mitigate the deleterious impact of isolated spaces on occupants?
Architecture, Behaviour, Biophilia, Cognition, Health, Wellbeing
Dr. Myrto Kostaropoulou
A look at the conscious city as the conscious decisions of the people who live within it, practically meaning their...
Architecture, Conscious Cities, Ethics, Governance, Philosophy, Urban Design
Davide Landi
Using an “architectural equation” to observe and analyse the qualities of places.
Aging, Architecture, Case Study, Design, Health, Wellbeing
Michael Makossa
The prominence of ‘visual consumption’ and its influence on design strategy.
Architecture, Behaviour, Culture, Perception, Planning, Wellbeing
Greg Paine
A look at Alexander's work on spatial patterns and arrangements as articulation of how we most prefer to live.
Architecture, Behaviour, Conscious Cities, Planning, Psychology, Urban Design
Andrew McStay
A closer look at some of the ethics and articulation of conscious cities.
Conscious Cities, Ethics, Philosophy, Tech, Urban Design
Nikos A. Salingaros
What are the opportunities and obstacles ahead for neuroscience and architecture?
Architecture, Behaviour, Cognition, Design, Health, Neuroscience, Wellbeing